Ascension Investments

Ascension’s goal is to provide superior risk-adjusted returns to our investors by identifying opportunities for top-line growth and maximizing operational efficiency. This is achieved through meticulous market research, disciplined underwriting, and careful execution of individually tailored business plans. We typically utilize lower leverage debt structures in order to maintain a conservative position in the event of fluctuations in macroeconomic conditions.

Ascension seeks to acquire assets at an all-in basis below replacement cost and create value through:

  • Renovation and repositioning, including exterior rehab, interior upgrades, and amenity and common area enhancements.
  • Hands-on property management with an enhanced standard of service to residents.
  • Taking advantage of economies of scale to lower expenses and complete capital projects in a cost efficient manner.
  • A focused, professional marketing program.
  • In order to align interests with our investors, Ascension principals co-invest on all acquisitions.
  • Institutional quality reporting with a hands-on management approach set Ascension apart from typical syndicators.
  • Acquisition due diligence is completed by an experienced in-house team and capital budgeting is confirmed by trusted contractors.
  • Established relationships in the brokerage community and a strong reputation for closing afford Ascension preferential looks at off-market opportunities.
  • Lengthy, successful track records with various lenders provide for increased comfort level with Ascension sponsorship and access to best available loan terms.

Ascension is opportunistic and will consider a wide range of investment opportunities. Our preference is to acquire assets through off-market transactions or pre-emptive offers. Please contact us with any questions or to discuss any potential opportunities. Our general acquisition criteria is:

  • Distressed, mismanaged, or underperforming assets
  • Stabilized assets with value-add potential
  • Covered land plays
  • Submarkets with compelling demand drivers, transitioning demographics, and high barriers to entry.